Active Citizenship : Facilitating Collaborative Pacts in Milan, Aimed at Collectively Bettering Cities

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Commune Di Milano + G129 Park

Service System Design, UX/UI Design, Strategy

How might we help collaborative pacts in Italy execute complex managerial tasks by finding strategies to effectively allocate responsibilities amongst themselves while also involving neighbourhood citizens? 


Collaborami is a service system designed to improve public space management through Collaborative Pacts in Milan.

It focuses on enhancing organizational skills and design capacities, fostering active citizenship, and developing innovative tools and best practices.

Using the G129 pact as a case study, Collaborami enhances operational processes by offering a comprehensive toolkit, a management platform, and an improved website for Comune di Milano.

This initiative serves as a model for both current and future pacts in Milan and can be adapted for other collaborative ventures, promoting a community spirit of collaboration and mutual progress.

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Due to the nature of this project, it’s complexity and a multi-directional journey, feel free to reach out for a call, for me to further elaborate on this project.