Philips Service Design Challenge 2023
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Challenge Finalists

Service Design, UX/UI Design

How might we take wellbeing seriously and create a happier society? 

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1. Identify & Explore 

User Research

Exploring Various Directions, Selecting Potential Direction, Preparatory Research, Secondary Research, Finding Opportunities, Primary Research, Expert Interviews, Defining Problems

2. Empathise & Discover

User Research

Defining & Knowing The Audience, Stakeholder Maps, User Research, Journey Maps, Cultural Probes

3. Frame & Define

User Research 

 Share Stories, Find Themes, Insight Statements, Needs Statements, How Might We? 

4. Ideate, Develop & Test Solutions

UX Design

Getting Visual, Prototyping, Card Sorting & Top Five, Designing Scenarios, Co-Creation, Designing Experiences, Minimum Viable Service or Product, User Testing, Business Model Canvas, USP’s

5. The Big Idea : Nuance

Facilitating valuable human connections in the midst of automation

In the midst of countless emerging AI apps and Automated Tracking Software (ATS Systems) for job applications, which often rely solely on keyword matching in resumes and portfolios,

  • Nuance is a service that connects students, experienced professionals (mentors), and companies seeking international talent by restoring human interaction.

  • It provides guidance not only in student hiring and bureaucratic processes, but also relieves the constant insecurity and uncertainty faced by many students each year by connecting them with professionals who have walked the same path and can share relevant experiences and insights.  

  • On the other hand, Nuance saves time, money, and resources for companies while reducing hiring risks, since students are vouched for, by experienced professionals placed at reputed companies.

  • Finally, it offers mentor recognition, networking, and growth opportunities through creating long-lasting relationships and a robust community.

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Measuring Impact

Key Performace Indicators 

Employment RatePercentage of students securing jobs through Nuance.

Average duration from signing up to job placement.

Student Satisfaction
Average satisfaction score from student feedback.

Cost Efficiency
Comparison of cost-per-hire using Nuance vs. traditional methods.

Quality of Hires
Employee retention rates and performance scores for hires through Nuance.

Diversity in Hiring
Percentage of hires meeting diversity and inclusivity targets.

Company Satisfaction
Average satisfaction score from company feedback.


Professional Growth
Number of mentors reporting professional growth or recognition.

Networking Opportunities
Number of connections or collaborations initiated through Nuance.

Mentor Engagement
Frequency and duration of mentor-student interactions.


User Engagement
Active user count and session duration across all stakeholders.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Likelihood of users recommending Nuance to peers.

Market Penetration
Growth in user base (students, mentors, companies) over time.

Jury Statement

“ Well done and clear story! The concept shows great quality and potential. Your service concept scored highest on inclusiveness (society-oriented) and on the service blueprint. ”